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Putri Salju Versi Englis

Snow daughter
Chairman of Production: Drs. Heru Subrata, M. The.
A. 1. Stage manager: Andika Dafi
2. Secretariat: Sholikah's anise
3. Bursar: Nency is Muldash's Daughter
4. Stage manager: Effendy's noble
5. Astrada: Apocalypse oil lamp m
6. Scene marker: sepsi Prawesti
7. Make-up Cloth: setyowati's echo
8. Manner makes-up: Runi Puspitasari
9. Dance / power: Nita Carita
10. Voice music: Sulis Andayani
11. Bandstand: Heri Fainurrahman
12. Lamp: Heri Fainurrahman
13. Effect: Erna is Widia's Goddess
Story “ asleep Snow Daughter ” constitute fictitious story in this story figure story a snow daughter that is discarded goes to forest by sister contain which is daughter Cemara, since at envies to snow daughter, since at perceives that King and Queen will give the better couple to Snow daughter. Afters Snow daughter at potion love by Cemara's Daughter finally asleep and then is discarded at forest 7 kurcaci. Intermediated by that forest sleeping Snow Daughter it found by 7 kurcaci is next arrange sayembara to get arouse Snow Daughter that finally been made its life associate.

Following prince sayembara shall pass through 4 darings of 7 kurcaci which is kurcaci Smart, kurcaci is Singer, kurcaci Lemot, kurcaci is diplomat, Coquettish kurcaci, kurcaci Eats, kurcaci Gets Asleep. And that Prince has graduate in 4 that daring have chance to arouse Snow Daughter. After umpteen prince fails, some day available 1 prince that gets away in sayembara that, which is Prince of Moestopo's monarchy and according to road map in toxicant bottle that drunk by Snow Daughter, Prince shall little star song singing vocalic ‘ v ’ while run around it by gets jumping up and down 3 times then kiss Snow Daughter that finally gets up and meet by Prince. But then is not how long Prince perceive thirsty and drink poison in bottle that it finds and after drink it Prince perceives ngantuk and Daub asleep Snow Daughter off balance and calls prince that udah gets asleep.
I. act
(Reigning rumba and Queen)
King: dinda you sees that banyan tree cloud, exquisite, morning air that cools down, bird get chirp. That see available their butterfly always get accompaniment to light upon flower, severely morning sunny one.
Queen: Iya, Brother. I also perceive such a, this morning seems to be other banget of usually the whole lot beautiful banget. So thinkful pacaran's time before, we always at garden, at garden. we look for flower, we see butterfly hear bird voice, ahh …. in essence romantic banget Brother.
King: Iya dinda. Eh,.. Brother want becomes …
Queen: Wantn whats …… want what ……?
King: Nggah deh, not so. Udah is gini's old, later cannikin was seen to stop the show ……'s shame..
Queen: ce's brother … exotic only. Udah kayak gini stills pengen, udah's cannikin of 2 child, udah outgrows be.
King: Tut, dinda. Don't dinda perceive if our daughters udah outgrows, have their time live alone.
Queen: Lho …. That brother gimana toh? They everyday live own. they lho udah can own clear a root, alone bath, alone eating.
King: Groan … groan … dinda this loh was old masoh oon's shuttlecock Fathoms A Meaning, have their time get married to have family.
Queen: Oh … has family toh …
King: Gini lho dinda, Brother has made ready severally monarchy which have stok Prince, stoknya bagus–bagus.
Queen: Lho … its Brother how sih … wants nyarikan Prince or nyari is goods.
King: udah's yes … udah … it problem waits for that important present our daughter. dinda's present attempt calls our children.
Queen: Snow daughter, Cemara's daughter, here darling ……
Cemara's daughter. : This mother gimana sih … delicate I press called shuttlecocks, so damage nih my nail.
Snow daughter: What is on Mother? shuttlecock in the morning Snow Daughter call.
Queen: Snow daughter, your dress shuttlecock kayak gini, why is darling?
Queen: Lho … lho … Ngapain you kayak gitu, khan available assistant!
Cemara's daughter: aja is delicate, all assistant have I inland errand. There is that I dismiss, there is that I enjoin to go home. If we have have Snow Daughter, ngapain we have assistant.
King: Lho … Iho … waits before, herein one mounts the throne Father cannikin. So father which becomes patriarch. So Father which seemly take such a policy.
Cemara's daughter: Ah, Fastidious father, udah is old, odor again …
Queen: Have … have you .jangan wrangles. Brother …! Previously allegedly wants to speak our daughter futures.
King: iya's oh? Snow daughter, Cemara's daughter. Father has plan menikahkan you with princes that our elective. Cemara's Daughter attempt you here. You pingin Prince that how?
Cemara's daughter: Good-looking pingin I, rich, white, high, have luxurious car. in essence have every thing deh …
King: udah's yes waits for swatch Father. Snow daughter. your attempt here. pingin's daughter Prince that how?
Snow daughter: Emm.., If I sih. not usah highfaluting which Father, balk's essential heart, get faith to oldster, darling with me and savvy. I also not need from important monarchy family, she is faithful.
King: You really daughter which deserving of boast Father, udah's yes now Father with Mother wants mencarikan Prince for you.
Queen: Mother wants umpteen calling monarchy which have stok prince that you want.
Cemara's daughter: You … quick work what previous I enjoin. That …! That waste throwing away.
Snow daughter: Yes … yes … yes … Kak.
Cemara's daughter: Must Father and Mother give the better something for Snow Daughter than me. My better job she ah … For me previously take in it, after drinks it she will faint long time. She won't get up, but there is kindhearted Prince that sudi kisses her, then singing again “ little Star ” by vocal “ u ” and gets jumping up and down to run around it 3 times. Ah … but it blue moon. Sister Snow daughter my fond, here deh … What you are not thirsty? This sister takes potion. Want drink not?
Snow daughter: Ah … not ah … me not thirsty.
Cemara's daughter: Not, you drink aja, Sister pains buatin to you In Essence you shall drink it. Ayo quick eats up.
Snow daughter: Iya, … iya … Kak. I drink deh …
Snow daughter dances with cemara … .kemudian cemara discards it.
Cemara's daughter: Ha … ha my … you throwing away to forest 7 kurcaci now.

Act II.
(kurcaci's dance)
K, Smart: All kurcaci quick ……'s row
My present okay want to absent you by piece, all together yes reporting … kurcaci singer …
All kurcaci: Yuukkk,..
K. Singer: Do … re … mi … fa.. I udah comes on many audition warble … sole … la … and I udah gets away to go to succeeding acts which is semifinal act also … the … do …
K. Smart: kurcaci Eats ……
K. Eating: I udah makes ready to eat our hose … all have accomplished 4 healthy 5 perfect 6 is full … but whole-wheat at depleted kitchen.
K. Smart: Iya … iya waits for I that money transfer from ATM I go to your ATM1 irus you buy wheat at Heru's shop next door Time Jagir that … kurcaci diploma …
K. Diplomat: I. apor …. Previously me udah helps some bodies for gets demo, including help Lapindo Berorasi's victim is in front State Palace.
K. Smart: You may get demo at all points … Demo cook kek kek's doctor demo … kek's three-wheeled demo … (that bemo). But don't its task wound as college student.
K. Diplomat: Iya … iya … my IP shuttlecock high 3,65 … cum laode cannikins.
K. Smart: Nicely … kurcaci Coquettish …
K. Coquettish: aja's peace … akikdah udah clean slate ampe's house clean slate …,udah is storage battery mops …, jendel is clear in essence clear … sih … sih … Caution if there is that mess … not omelin ampe ngompok at lho's place …
K. Smart: Last … kurcaci Gets Asleep … …
K. Sleep: Eh … maap … is not my … lazy but … eh … maap my …. maap.. i am new built sleeping …
All: Huh ….. (while kertasan's sheet of paper)
K. Lemot: Before asked by I ngomong aja yes … previous after me ngasih eats cat … eh … me crestfallen cuman at room …
Its friend is onion …??
All: Tired deh …
K. Lemot: I am lemot's cannikin …
K. Smart: Sudah–sudah don't wrangle Our … depleted it arrival expects a guest be.
K. Lemot: Eh … guest who again …??
K. Smart: We are ……'s Prince arrival
She pengen follows sayembara already we arrange 5 its years. Sayembara that we arranges to arouse pretty Snow Daughter it ……
K. Sleep: But … smart … our afters finds she 5 last year … then we arranges sayembara Prince search for her. A great many Prince which comes but you the whole lot refuses …
K. Smart: Nothing left their … graduate can't sit for an examination. Moreover defeat all …..
K. Lemot: Really she who sih …?? Since 5 last year I find she sampe now I not tofu who she and why her kips at our forest …
K. Smart: lemot's basic … berkali–kali I even word you tetep aja lemot … see her gown comes from PGSP'S monarchy … membau its fragrance, she named Snow … and hears its grunting, she drinks kiss of love's poison, as one I find beside its body 5 last year that get to set down whom ever which can arouse Snow Daughter by condition of sing little Star song get vocalic “ u ” by get jumping up and down to run around it 3 times, then kisses it, undoubtedly Snow Daughter will get up.
K. Coquettish: There is that coming … dissembling quick …!
(Prince and Cockroach dance)
Cockroach: Ah ….. This who yes? Shuttlecock available pretty daughter at alone sleeping forest. ……'s prince ……'s prince
Prince: What is on nyet … .kok calls, not my tofu be busy.
Cockroach: Prince apology, this loh my … sees a daughter in the middle forest. Prince see!
Prince: Whew ….. you correctness, this daughter lovely ….. really. Why is alone sleeping OK in the middle forest. He … he nyet, you know not who pretty daughter this comely?
Cockroach: I don't know Prince, I previousing to find it have begini.
Prince: who is she??? Lovely once ….. may she daughter that disayembarakan.
K. Singer: Lai ….. lai …. lai ….. lai ….. lai …. lai, Eh … . Who you? Don't hold her, there, there, don't deket deket …..
K. Coquettish: Groan ….. what is on yea? He ……. Singer, who is she why she can in here?
K. Singer: Iniloh …. not tofu who suddenly aja she in here? Udah there going ….
Cockroach: Eh …… sits out …. You this who? Brave it has done as bold as brass to Princes.
K. Coquettish: Prince ….. Where prince? From Hongkong
Cockroach: Eh ….. not believe, she aptly Prince knows …..
Prince: Introduce, i am Noble Prince of Moestopo's monarchy, PGSD …..
K. Singer: Prove if You Prince (song warble Reigns) Which …. Which is its prove?
K. Coquettish: Iya ….. yes is seen from above downwards, right side, left not available tuh's Prince cutting … .
Cockroach: Eh …. eh ….. don't bungling, its dress see dong!
K. Singer: Really sih its dress lovely, but its cutting that loh snugly pasan.
Prince: How is you both this? I was told by cutting close-fitting pasan, kayak Raden Mas Heru Subrata gini's good-looking cutting is told snugly pasan. My Iniloh KTP!!
K. Coquettish: Islandic Sign card cannikin? Iya … cannikin …
Prince: Princes Sign card know … .
K. Singer: Eh … which coquettish, I see dong! Yes right oh.. udah kalo gitu's yes.
K. Coquettish: Eh … by the way tofu Prince not, there is sayembara in here! Tofu not?
Prince: Yes knows … therefore I come here!
K. Singer: So gakya's tofu Prince, ehm … have a lot of coming prince to follow sayembara this, but no one even that gets away. I please this time Prince is successful.
Prince: Yes …. iyalah ….. Prince!!! (Aming's style)
K. Coquettish: OK!…. Prince that melalui4 shall daring of 7 kurcaci. If false 1 available one drop off, therefore baffled prince to get Lovely Daughter.
Prince: Well ….. that problem is easy, continually when is begun?
K. Singer: Front year … . dong's present Yeses Princes, pliz deh … .
Prince: Yo wes, what is its daring?
K. Singer: Gini is yes … .tantangan it, Prince shall singing in style coquettish … its song given up by prince. Feel equal not?
Prince: OK, I from now on (Singing prince)
K. Singer + K. Coquettish: Yes … goodly … goodly
K. Singer: Challenge of succeeding from kurcaci diplomat and kurcaci eats.
K. Singer + K. Coquettish: kurcaci is diplomat and kurcaci Eats, quick issue ….! Cekarang is your go.
K. Diplomat: Yes … yes I come out, eh …. fast eating here, peer slowing the way ….
K. Eating: Yes … I come, i am cannikin again eating …
K. Diplomat: aja's eating its job, now our go …..
Cockroach: Eh ….. you this gimana sih ….. shuttlecock on the contrary alone ngomong
Not see what there is prince, price dong ….
Prince: Udah ….. udah …….. Nyet, now you both want daring love what for me?
K. Eating: Ehm ….. gini is prince, prince that berorasi shall what do get bearing by eats to eat.
K. Diplomat: Gimana feels equal not prince?
Prince: What? About eating eats ….. if about the other may not?
K. Diplomat: ……'s yes. not that dong may prince, itusudah is decided.
Prince: Yes ….. OK deh if gitu, Nyet helps i am following yes?
Cockroach: Prince yes, must …..
Prince: (berorasi about food), lovely gimana not?
K. Eating: Yes ….. fair to middling prince, mak nyus, nendang at tongued
K. Diplomat: Yes ….. fair to middling shuttlecock, adequately pulls, now succeeding from kurcaci Gets Asleep and kurcaci Lemot.
Prince: There is again yes?
K. Eating: Yes ….. iyalah …….
K. Eating + K. diplomat: kurcaci Gets Asleep Lemot, cepet comes out present your go ….
K. Sleep: ……'s yes.. ……'s yes. I come ama kurcaci Lemm ….
He ….. lemot here, ngapain there?
K. Lemot: Oh ….. i am yes … .ngapa we get asleep.
Prince: ……'s groan you this gimana sih you ama she ngajuin challenge of for me, duh …. Lemot banget.
K.Lemot: Tut …… .aku forgets
Cockroach: Udah ……. quick says daring for prince
K. Sleep: Yes ….. yes …. ehm ….. prince shall relate while simulates animal style in that story. Remember prince!! Until i am loh asleep ….
Prince: Matter shall dong's animal story?
K. Lemot: Yes …. prince feels equal not?
Prince: Yes …. iyalah, I from now on yes ….
(relate while simulate animal style)
Gimana nicely cannikin?
K. Sleep: (seat while asleep)
K. Lemot: Nicely prince. Tu sees, the Sleep grunts, udah's yes, now daring lanjutnya from kurcaci Smart, prince …..
Prince: This the last one cannikin
K. Lemot: ……'s yes yes ….
Smart kurcaci, now your go …
Eh, scat sleep (while mengoyak oyak the sleep).
K. Smart: Iya nih, I udah available of previously. I of previously udah nyiapin a thousand questions, nah is prince was ready haven't, all this question wills be prince success.
Cockroach: Lho …. lho …. shuttlecock 1000 sih's questions, mostly knows!!! 500 ask out yes, one that 500 cannikins can buy in krupuk …!
Prince: You how sih Nyet, this lho essays determination, shuttlecock's think is alimentary merely, 1000 question are bargained so 500, emangnya I can what??
Cockroach: Emangnya is prince can what?
Prince: Eng …. not, let alone 1000 questions, 500 aja udah's questions causes my hair moult, can nih's baldhead, good-looking me ilang donk. Gimana kalo 3 aja's questions? (while ngerayu kurcaci Smart).
K. Smart: He …. he …. he, question was outward alone fuss shuttlecock. What becomes it this country kalo its boss as prince, udah's yes one ae's question … me also not want fuss.
Prince: Thank you kurcaci Smart, now sya was ready. What is gerangan its question.
K. Smart: Begini is prince, there is old philosophy says. While is her morning crawls, while is her noon walks, while is merunduk's evening, and while her asleep night. What it Prince?
Prince: While crawl her matter comes into the world, while is her noon walks growing matter, while is merunduk's evening means was old, and while her night gets asleep deh … answer it must man.
K. Smart: Dare have archduke passes properly, but I will conferred with kurcaci another. All kurcaci quick comes in.
(All kurcaci comes in in bandstand)
All kurcaci: CONFERRED!!!!
K. Smart: After we are conferred, get me eventual deliberation decides that successful prince.
Prince: Yes … yes … yes ….
K. Diplomat: Eh ….. don't pleasingly before, prince shall can arouse that lovely Daughter. Prince shall little star song singing with vocalic u then runs around it while gets jumping up and down 3 times, then kisses it.
Prince: OK ….. if gitu (beginning prince shows off to arouse that lovely daughter) Daughter …. apparently prettier you of one is figured at sayembara.
Snow daughter: (Shy smiling) Ah … Prince that aja can, so shame nih …
Prince: Daughter ….
Snow daughter: Prince ….
Prince: Daughter ….. I …. I …. thirsty, I drink before yes. Herein there is little potion bottle, I drink ah ….
Snow daughter: Eh …. Prince don't at drink.
Prince: ……'s daughter after drink kayaknya I ngantik nih, break open before ah ….
Daughter: Prince …. Prince ….. sih's sleeping shuttlecock, ……'s prince
1. setting is Bandstand
On first act: Lie on one monarchy.
setting set by 2 gates and some crop
On second act: Lie on one wilderness.
setting set by one big tree replication in the middle and some crop beside it.
2. Costume
- King: Overclothes + Crown
- Queen: Gown + Fan + Crown
- Snow daughter: White gown + Bando Angel
- Cemara's daughter: Red gown + Bando Dickens
- Prince: Overclothes + Crown
- Cockroach: Gatotkaca's cloth.
- Smart kurcaci: Brown costume (singlet + hat + sock + breeches + spectacles + dictionary).
- Coquettish kurcaci: pink's colour costume (singlet + joshua's hat + sock + breeches + fan + bag).
- kurcaci Gets Asleep: Blue colour costume (singlet + joshua's hat + sock + breeches + pillow + slipper gets asleep).
- kurcaci is Singer: Blue colour costume (singlet + joshua's hat + sock + breeches + fur muffler + mix).
- kurcaci Lemot: pink's colour costume (singlet + joshua's hat + sock + breeches).
- kurcaci is diplomat: Green colour costume (singlet + joshua's hat + sock + breeches + sleyer).
- kurcaci Eats: Green colour costume (singlet + joshua's hat + sock + breeches + snack + fork necklace ladles).
1. King: Heri Fainurrahman
2. Queen: sepsi Prawati
3. Snow daughter: Apocalypse oil lamp m
4. Criminal daughter: Runi p
5. Prince: Noble. E
6. Cockroach: Andika Dafi
7. K. Singer: Sulis. A
8. K. Eating: Analita r
9. K. Lemot: Anise
10. K. Coquettish: Nency PM
11. K. Pinter: Wati
12. K. Diplomat: Nita Carita
13. K. Sleep: Erna DW

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